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What's New!

What's This?

Both pattern display and pattern input (drawing) on dot-matrix LED unit are implemented using Arduino, basically same function of LED Tile series:

The software and hardware design data in this page is opened on CreativeCommons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported . [#j072af4d]



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What you needs are:

  1. Arduino (with 8 Analog inputs; ArduinoNano etc.) *1
  2. Dot matrix LED unit. For example, OSL641501-ARA. *2
  3. Resistor (1k ohm for 5V-Arduino, 270 ohm for 3.3V-Arduino) x 8
  4. Bright light source, such as white LED or single color LED whose illumination wavelength is close to that of dot matrix LED unit. *3

See Hardware_e page for details, which contains:

Software Library

See Software_e page for Arduino library and examples.


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  • International Conferences
    • J.Akita, Matrix LED Unit with Pattern Drawing and Extensive Connection, Proceedings of SIGGRAPH2010, Emerging Technologies (CD-ROM), 2010.7
    • J.Akita, Interactive Block Device System with Pattern Drawing Capability on Matrix LEDs, CHI2012 Interactivity (to appear)
  • Japanese Domestic Conferences
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*1 All of 8x8 dots cannot be used by 6 Analog inputs, such asArduinoUno. This library software is for ArduinoNano(ATmega328P).
*2 The contents in this page is for this OSL641501-ARA.
*3 Wavelength of red LED in OSL641501-ARA is 625nm, which is shorter than the popular red LED or red laser pointer.

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