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Last-modified: 2012-04-23 () 21:07:43 (3032d)

ATmega1280V/2560V vesion

  • Specs:
    • LED Tile implementation using ATmega1280V/2560V. (internal 8MHz osc. or external crystal)
    • Four directional UART for inter-device communication
    • Accelerometer via I2C bus, Freescale MMA7455), that can be accessed by standard Arduino TWI library. For details of the registers, refer MMA7455 data sheet. Sample project is available:
    • Tactile switch and Piezzo sounder can be mounted.
    • Use supply voltage of 3.3V when using MMA7455. In this case, resistor between ATmega and dot matrix LED should be 270 ohm. Supply voltage of 5V is also be applied without MMA7455, with resistor of 1k ohm.
    • Arduino's standard programming using USB-UART adapter with DTR reset via "R" terminal of LED Tile.
    • Communication terminals in each edge one are a pair of male and female 3p header connector, which consists of VDD, GND, and TX/RX.
    • ATmega1280/2560 can be used for 5V operation without MMA7455.
  • PCB outline
  • BOM (Bill of Materials):
    • ATmega1280V/2560V (QFP100pin)
    • 270 ohm(1608 size in milli meter (or 0603 size in inch)) x8
    • (optional) MMA7455, 4.7k (1608size) x2
    • (optional connector) 3p L-angle male&female header connector xeach 4, or magnet connector