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What's this?

LED pen for pattern drawing on LED tile series.

Sorry for lack of documentations...

using single AA battery

Step-up regulator of Holtek HT7733 generates 3.3V from single AA battery.

  • PCB outline

using USBminiB terminal

Power supply of 5V to USB miniB terminal from PC's USB port or USB battery for LED.

  • PCB outline

źեե: fileLTpenU_pcb.png 228 [ܺ] fileLTpenU.pcb 220 [ܺ] fileLTpenU_pcb.zip 194 [ܺ] fileLTpen.pcb 212 [ܺ] fileLTpen_pcb.zip 182 [ܺ] fileLTpen_pcb.png 226 [ܺ]