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about ifDL

ifDL (interface Device Laboratory) aim at developing innovative interface between user and machine, or user and user, with viewpoint of developing hardware device. It covers the areas of:

  • user interface
  • interactive system
  • image system
  • wearable computing

Logo (Metal patterns on CMOS0.6um LSI chip)


Research Theme

For their details, please contact: akita[at]

Wearable Network System using Conductive Fabric and Its Application for Biomeasurement

Realizing the comfortable methodologies of both power supply and communication channel with freedom of physical arrangement, in the conventional wearable computing systems by using conductive fabric as two-dimensional 'wire' on the user's body. One of its applications is the precise multi-point biosignal measurement system.

Image System with Pseudorandom Spatical/Temporal Sampling

Image system, both the camera and the display, that composed of randomly arranged pixels, in order to solve the problems of the jaggies at the edge.

User Interface using Visible Light

Intuitive user interface with using visible light, which user can see in operation action.

Perception Device using Collaboration with User's Action

Perception device for user's physical environment using collaboration with user's exploration action.

Intelligent Camera Device with Image Processing Capability

Camera device with the integrated image processing capability, that enable the high speed (- 1000fps), compact vision system.

Research Theme Under Consideration

  • Image system with independent time axis in each pixel
  • Electronic building for establishing whole computer knowledges
  • Rough information processing, non-precise, but ultra-low power and compact image processing system architecture for the application that requires less precision.

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