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* News [#yec7dba9]

- (2014/12/05) Demos at [[SIGGRAPH Asia 2014>]] on Dec.4-6, 2014: "Touch At A Distance: Simple Perception Aid Device With User's Explorer Action" / Related Infos: [[Facebook page>]], [[Design data>]]

* about ifDL [#edf4dedc]

ifDL (interface Device Laboratory) aim at developing innovative interface between user and machine, or user and user, with viewpoint of developing hardware device. It covers the areas of:
- user interface
- interactive system
- image system
- wearable computing

Logo (Metal patterns on CMOS0.6um LSI chip)

* Research Theme [#o6ad9a52]

For their details, please contact: akita[at]

** Wearable Network System using Conductive Fabric and Its Application for Biomeasurement [#w451704c]

Realizing the comfortable methodologies of both power supply and communication channel with freedom of physical arrangement, in the conventional wearable computing systems by using conductive fabric as two-dimensional 'wire' on the user's body.
One of its applications is the precise multi-point biosignal measurement system.

** Image System with Pseudorandom Spatical/Temporal Sampling [#h6d41fb1]

Image system, both the camera and the display, that composed of randomly arranged pixels, in order to solve the problems of the jaggies at the edge.

** User Interface using Visible Light [#fa19b921]

Intuitive user interface with using visible light, which user can see in operation action.

** Perception Device using Collaboration with User's Action [#n9998354]
Perception device for user's physical environment using collaboration with user's exploration action.

** Intelligent Camera Device with Image Processing Capability [#p3d9ed0c]

Camera device with the integrated image processing capability, that enable the high speed (- 1000fps), compact vision system.

* Research Theme Under Consideration [#x1bcd5f1]

- Image system with independent time axis in each pixel
- Electronic building for establishing whole computer knowledges
- Rough information processing, non-precise, but ultra-low power and compact image processing system architecture for the application that requires less precision.
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