Workshop on microscopy, biology, medicine, and advanced CMOS imagers

Sponsored by Technical Group on Information Sensing Technologies (IST),
the Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers (ITE)
In cooperation with Group of Information Photonics (Optical Society of
Japan)+CMOS Working Group, IEEE SSCS Japan Chapter,
and IEICE Technical Committee on Integrated Circuits and Devices (ICD)

[Date]: November 20, 2015
[Price of proceedings] 2,000-2,500JPY (please ask on site)
[Venue] Conference hall, S-Port 3F, Hamamatsu Campus, Shizuoka University
[Address] 3-5-1, Johoku, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka 432-8561, JAPAN
[Official language] English
[Overview] In this workshop, the state-of-the-art CMOS imagers and their
future directions as applied to microscopy, biology, and medicine will
be discussed. Recent progress on CMOS imager performance specifications,
such as noise, dynamic range, frame rate and time resolution, as wellas
on the capability of functional integration can significantly contribute
to biomedical applications. The main topic of workshop is
"how CMOS imagers can change microscopy and contribute to biology and
medicine, and how CMOS imagers should be changed for discoveries,
inventions, and innovations in microscopy, biology, and medicine."
The workshop consists of plenary talk and invited talks.
After the workshop, a little reception will be held to establish an
inter-disciplinary network of people from various fields related to

10:20-11:00 Invited talk
by Shin Usuki, Yuki Ohashi, and Kenjiro Miura (Shizuoka University)
"3D measurement using light field microscopy with improved resolution"
11:00-12:00 Plenary talk
by Edoardo Charbon (Department of Microelectronics, TU Delft)
"All-digital imaging based on photon counting
 -A decade of CMOS single-photon image sensors-"
12:00-13:50 Lunch (and lab tour)

13:50-14:30 Invited talk
by Katsumasa Fujita (Department of Applied Physics, Osaka University)
"Super-resolution microscopy using nonlinear light emission"
14:30-15:10 Invited talk
by Yosuke Tamada and Masayuki Hattori (National Institute for Basic Biology)
"Establishment of adaptive optics microscopy for fine live imaging
during the stem-cell formation in plants"
15:10-15:50 Invited talk
by Johtaro Yamamoto (Faculty of Advanced Life Science, Hokkaido University),
Keiichiro Kagawa, Shoji Kawahito (Research Institute of Electronics,
Shizuoka University), and Masataka Kinjo (Faculty of Advanced Life Science,
Hokkaido University)
"Multipoint confocal fluorescence correlation spectroscopy using a
fast and high sensitive CMOS camera"

15:50-16:10 Break

16:10-16:50 Invited talk
by Min-Woong Seo, Keiichiro Kagawa, Keita Yasutomi, Zhuo Li,
and Shoji Kawahito (Research Institute of Electronics, Shizuoka University)
"Development of multi-tap CMOS lock-in pixel imager with a high
time-resolution for time-resolved measurements"
16:50-17:30 Invited talk
by Mamoru Hashimoto (Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University)
and Shoji Kawahito (Research Institute of Electronics, Shizuoka University)
"Nonlinear Raman microscopy for biomedical applications"

18:00- Reception (~3,500JPY)


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