Share useful information of EDA tool for Maker.

You can find summarized information in this URL. But it's a bit of old.

(2015/7/1 added) The information of Freeware and CAD tool of OSW is summarized by Mr. Moriyama. ->

Moses system

"Moses system" is written by Kunihiro Asada who is doctor of Tokyo University. WGex in Moses system is layout tool. He provides this software in order to design layout data.



Commercial EDA software

Cadence, Synopsys and Menter Graphics and so on are what is called "EDA vendor" and their commercial EDA software are high-performance and useful. However their costs are exceptionally expensive in Japan. Because of the private person can NOT use it. But staff of university and technical college can use them with VDEC. I guess, these software have a lot of functions and they are NOT for Maker.


Minimal CAD

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