What's New in English

  • (2015/7/1) Put a link to information about freeware, OSW of CAD tool.設計CAD
  • (2015/6/22) English web site will open soon.
  • (2015/4/1) Because of server was moved, URL is changed. Please refer this site ! Let me know if you have any problem. (akita@is.t.kanazawa-u.ac.jp)
  • (2014/12/25) I summarize preriminary information about 1st shuttle service at 2015/7. If you are interest about it, please update message with your name on Facebook or following URL. Early 2015, I will inform CAD tool and so on. (There is NOT a limit on the number of people.) https://www.facebook.com/makelsi
  • (2015/5/10) Prepare maling list. Please contact "akita" if you join this maling list.

Makers try to make LSI :-). Share how to use CAD and how to make LSI, design know-how. Please refer the followings. Junichi Akita(akita11) / Twitter:@akita11 / Facebook: facebook/akita11 / E-mail: akita@is.t.kanazawa-u.ac.jp

We'd like to continuausely share and exchange information. Let "akita" know, if you join maling list to exchange information or you just look it. (Additionally, if you want to use CAD tool or refer design rule, please refer "How to use WGex".)

Open FacebookPage?. Please push like button if you are interest. http://www.facebook.com/makelsi

  • seijiro.moriyama@anagix posted by Seijiro Moriyama at 2014/11/29 (Sat) 22:17:15
  • Can I link my URL to this site ? Twitter ID @ ksmakoto as Makoto Kishi.

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